Community Development

Commitment does not equal money.

Community Challenge in the Channel Islands

Deutsche Bank has a strong track record of community engagement in the Channel Islands, not just through financial support of charity groups, but through staff volunteering initiatives too. The Bank has a tradition of encouraging staff to undertake and organise community projects to promote education, social investment, sustainability and creativity.

Having launched its 'Community Challenge' to mark its 35th anniversary of being in the Channel Islands in 2008, the Bank's 'Community Re-Gen' project in 2013 as part of its 40th anniversary celebrations was another huge success.

That ethos has been carried forward into this year too through our now firmly established pan-Channel Islands Volunteering Week, which strengthens the Bank's ties with the local community and enables staff to make a positive difference to charitable causes on a regular basis when refurbishment and decorative work was undertaken by our staff at the Guernsey Alzheimers Association and the Jersey Cheshire Home. As with all Deutsche Bank initiatives, the underlying philosophy of the week is that community engagement is not just about money - it's also about offering support, resources, expertise and time to partner organisations.

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