Make plans for summer now!

8 December 2006

Contact: Susan Manti, HR Director,

Source: DB Article

Location: Jersey

Every young person embarking on their first experience of working life, whether direct from school or via university, should be aware of the opportunities available to them. Some students know exactly what they want to do and have already chosen a future career path. For others, they will still be thinking through a number of alternatives and options.

During your time at university, choices and decisions need to be made which will impact the direction of your career. At this time you should also try to gain experience in your chosen career paths. Or you should try alternatives. The best opportunity for this is to apply for Internship programs.

Internship Programs: What are they and why are they useful? Some organisations offer Internship programs which give students the chance to experience what it is like to work in a particular industry or organisation. It is important to apply for placements which offer real and meaningful work rather than just being treated as an extra pair of hands to help with low level tasks.

Deutsche Bank, for example, has a Summer Internship program. Students have the opportunity to gain a full introduction to our organisation and to learn about the opportunities we can offer to graduates. Each student is given real-life projects and assigned a mentor throughout their program. The students can also experience the social aspects of working life and attend staff social functions.

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