Careers: An Enjoyable Environment to Explore Your Talents

3 July 2009

Contact: Sari Cuming, Marketing Manager,
Source: Deutsche Bank International Limited
Location: Jersey

Finding a job that is interesting, utilises your strengths and gives you a chance to develop a fulfilling career, whilst working in an enjoyable environment is something that a lot of young people dream of.

The fact that I have found such a position is not simply just good news for me - it’s proof that these sorts of opportunities exist here within Jersey’s finance industry.

Eye Opening Experience

Having completed my education at Jersey College for Girls where I developed an interest in crime and criminal behaviour during my A-Level Law course, I went on to study Criminology at Chester University.

I imagine going from a degree in Criminology to a job in finance isn’t a typical career route, but I think it’s testament to the variety of roles available within Jersey’s finance industry that such a career path is possible. I knew after graduating in 2006 that I wanted to work in finance and was able to secure temporary employment within Jersey’s banking sector at Deutsche Bank.

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