Cayman Schools Receive Reading Boost from Rotary Central and Deutsche Bank Volunteers

20 March 2008

Contact: Sari Cuming, Marketing Manager,

Source: Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited

Location: Cayman

Volunteers from Deutsche Bank are joining with members of Rotary Central to visit and read to pupils at nine different primary schools in Cayman this month.

More than 250 local school children will benefit from the reading programme, the latest phase of Rotary Central's recently launched 'Literacy for Success' campaign. Designed to help more people learn to read and to encourage others to read more often, the campaign is supported by Deutsche Bank as part of its 25th anniversary of being in the Cayman Islands.

A team of nine staff at Deutsche Bank, together with volunteers from Rotary Central, are giving their time to read to pupils at nine different schools during the month. On allocated days throughout March, the volunteers will spend time with groups of pupils and help them to read the specially selected books.

The schools being visited by the volunteers include the Lighthouse School, Sunnysmile Preschool, Wesleyan, Just for Kids, the Achievement Centre, the New Testament Church of God, Shauna's Early World, Tiffany's Preschool and Quality Child Care.

Sandy McFarlane, President of Rotary Central and coordinator of the CIRA programme, said: "We have definitely got 'Literacy for Success' off to a smashing start - the first reading sessions have gone brilliantly. All of the children so far have been delightful and have shown a real desire to read the books we have brought in for them. It is a really encouraging start to our campaign which we can build on over the coming months and the active involvement of the Deutsche Bank staff is a real boost."

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