Stability is the watchword in the post crisis world

2 November 2010

Contact: Andreas Tautscher, Chief Country Officer, Channel Islands
Source: Deutsche Bank International Limited
Location: Channel Islands

The banking industry has changed substantially as a result of the financial crisis that struck the world markets, but the Channel Islands have emerged in strong shape.

I believe that the stability that both the Islands offer is hugely important for the future prospects of both jurisdictions when placed alongside the other positive advantages that we offer.

The Islands have an enviable track record and an attractive business environment which competitors find difficult to match. If you examine the make up of other jurisdictions, the strength in depth does not exist to the same degree. In respect of the Channel Islands, the infrastructure of experienced lawyers, accountants and other professionals who introduce business to the Islands is probably unrivalled. Experienced bankers, fund managers, administrators and wealth professionals are added to this mix making for a potent combination to attract business. The Islands also have robust laws, respected court systems and politically there is plenty of support for the development of the industries.

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