Recruitment and Training: Seizing opportunities in a challenging market

2 April 2009

Contact: Sari Cuming, Marketing Manager,
Source: Deutsche Bank International Limited
Location: Jersey

In a competitive and challenging marketplace firms in all business sectors want to stay one step ahead of their competition. Retaining the best people has therefore never been more important.

As a result, firms in the Channel Islands should consolidate their focus on their provision of training and development for all staff - those at the beginning of their careers, those making a career switch and those already in employment.

Career Considerations

Moving into a new business area, starting out on an entirely new career path or taking the next step up in an organisation can be daunting prospects for individuals. Firms should be aware that, as a result, the support individuals need to receive in terms of personal development is becoming more and more important.

Having the opportunity to take advantage of training and development resources and building a structured career path for themselves is vital. It can help in building specialist knowledge and boosting confidence in employees’ ability.

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