Choosine the right advisor to service the captive industry

1 December 2006

Contact: Jean-Claude Emard, Chief Country Officer for Deutsche Bank in Cayman,

Source: Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited

Location: Cayman

It is often suggested that one of the greatest strengths of today’s global financial services marketplace is the choice that finance professionals and investors have.

This may include choice of jurisdiction, advisor, products and of course financial service provider. This choice, driven by the increasing competition globally for business, is evident as much, if not more, in the corporate and institutional sector as it is in the retail market.

Naturally, choice is a good thing. But when the choice becomes too great it can leave you simply overwhelmed or confused. This is certainly true of the captive management industry. The range of financial products and services now available to captive clients is almost bewildering, with the choices ranging from straightforward deposits to more complex investment solutions. The number of financial institutions that claim to offer the best products and services is also quite impressive.

We believe that the pathway through this financial maze is best negotiated working with someone that can listen/respond to your needs; in this instance a person that is committed to delivering clear and thoughtful solutions to captive managers and clients. That is the role of the dedicated relationship manager, someone to cater for your day-to-day requirements and yet someone who can also hink more long term and provide those more complicated solutions tailored to meet individual needs.

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