Having the World at your Fingertips

1 August 2007

Contact: Sari Cuming, Marketing Manager, sari.cuming@db.com

Source: Deutsche Bank International Limited

Location: Guernsey

Guernsey’s modern banking sector can offer some fascinating careers and, at Deutsche Bank, these can stretch right across our different business areas including trusts, investments, private banking and wealth management. It’s exciting, fast paced and interesting - and that’s just in our Guernsey office!

Working as part of Deutsche Bank’s internationally dynamic business can open up incredibly exciting opportunities to travel and experience working in foreign countries. Setting out in a career with Deutsche Bank in Guernsey can lead to work in any one of the 75 countries in which we operate and staff across our Channel Islands offices have spent time in places like Luxembourg, Mauritius, Switzerland and Singapore.

Whether it is as a short term secondment, for a fixed period or as a permanent move, the chance to seek out new cultures is most definitely there, as former Guernsey employees Mark Bisson and Matthew Hemans are both finding out…

Mark Bisson: Taking up the Mauritius Challenge

Mark Bisson has certainly embraced the challenges and opportunities that Deutsche Bank has offered him. Having completed his education in the UK, Mark moved into the world of retail banking before joining Deutsche Bank in Guernsey in 1993.

“I wanted to look for a new challenge,” explains Mark. “I was becoming frustrated with the way that retail banks were going in the early 1990’s, so I decided to use my knowledge and skills in a different area of banking. Deutsche Bank offered me the opportunity to do just that.”

Having made that decision, Mark worked hard to develop his career in Guernsey. Fourteen years on, Mark’s most recent role was Head of the Banking Division, where he was responsible for Intermediary and Private Banking solutions. That was before he got the opportunity to take up a new role – Chief Country Officer in Mauritius. Mark was very keen to take on this challenge and broaden his career by working in a different location.

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