Lifting Your Career to the Next Level: A Career in Treasury

1 April 2009

Contact: Sari Cuming, Marketing Manager,
Source: Deutsche Bank International Limited
Location: Jersey

A lot of people aspire to work in a fast moving, global environment. The good news is that this kind of work is very much available across Jersey's financial services industry, and nowhere more so than in the area that deals with worldwide money markets - the Treasury department.

Whilst many local treasury teams work within the parameters set by their parent business, Deutsche Bank's Offshore Treasury desk retains absolute autonomy, whilst at the same time affording a global reach through its Group's Global Markets platforms.

This is great news for those in Jersey looking for a truly international working environment that enables, and demands, high levels of responsibility.

Structured Career Path

Because of its autonomy, staff in Deutsche Bank's Treasury team are expected to take on high levels of responsibility. For this reason, making sure that a structured and appropriate professional development plan is in place for staff is really important.

All staff on Deutsche Bank's Treasury desk, for example, are required to hold the Association Cambiste International (ACI) Dealing Certificate as a minimum entry level. This foundation program allows candidates to acquire a working knowledge of the structure and operation of the major foreign exchange and money markets. This includes galvanising their fundamental mathematics skills used in these markets and making sure they fully understand the core Treasury products.
Many go on from this to take the ACI Diploma to extend their specialist Treasury skills even further. However, another qualification worth exploring for those considering a career in Treasury dealing is the Investment Management Certificate. This is aimed at giving students a greater understanding of the regulatory environment and exposure to a broader range of investment products. Those holding this qualification are also required to undertake a minimum of 35 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year to make sure they are up to date with current thinking and latest developments. The Investment Management Certificate can then lead to a further course of study and qualification as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

This structured career path gives confidence to those working in the Deutsche Bank Treasury department, helping them to become specialists in their field and at the same time get the most out of a career at the cutting edge of global financial markets.

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