Cayman Arts Students Encouraged to Apply for Deutsche Bank National Gallery Visual Arts Scholarship

1 April 2008

Contact: Sari Cuming, Marketing Manager,

Source: Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited

Location: Cayman

Students in the Cayman Islands who are considering pursuing a career in the visual arts, including design, are being encouraged to apply for a scholarship being offered by Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Limited and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

It is the second year that the 'Deutsche Bank National Gallery of the Cayman Islands Visual Arts Scholarship' has been offered to students in the Islands, following the announcement last year that the Bank and the National Gallery would be forming a partnership to support the development of local arts.

Through this collaboration, a scholarship worth up to US$20,000 per year for a programme of study up to four years, will be awarded to assist local students with the funding of their visual arts education overseas. The recipient of the scholarship will also aim to pursue a career in the arts in the Cayman Islands after graduation. It is intended that, through supporting graduates in this way, the visual arts can continue to thrive and evolve in the Islands.

The Scholarships are awarded to either Caymanian students or students legally resident in the Cayman Islands who have been accepted to colleges or universities that are approved by the Education Council of the Cayman Islands Government. Applicants must also be between 17 and 25 years of age at the date of the application deadline.

Potential students can apply for the scholarship now. The deadline for applications this year is 1st May 2008, for a September or January university semester start-date.

The recipient of the first Scholarship last year was Ms Jessica Willis, who in September 2007 embarked on a four year degree in Graphic Design at the prestigious Savannah College of Arts and Design in the USA.

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